Love make the world go round


I believe God could stop all natural disaster,
or prevent us from making mistake,
or making unwise decision,
or being stubborn, selfish or rude.
But He did not.
I believe God made a world which
love can exist and grow.
In love, human beings pull together
and respond to suffering and calamity.
In love, we can help one another,
encourage one another,
forgive one another and
stand by one another.

Love truly make the world go round!


6 thoughts on “Love make the world go round

    • You’re right, but with the mobile phones and smart phones humans are getting more and more ‘disconnected’ :(. It’s like there’s no eye contact anymore and people (esp. in the city) have become very self-centered.


      • It’s true, sometimes technology doesn’t help but then without it, we wouldn’t be connecting now! It’s true also that people in cities can be more self-centered & rush through life without taking a moment for anything other than their own agendas but then it’s up to people like you and I to spread smiles & sunshine whenever we can to perhaps bring a bit of warmth to those who have forgotton how to give it 😀


  1. God did create us with free will and included in that is the choice to help those who need help (a great gift to giver and receiver) that we may not ever have experienced without sudden, urgent need. Love does make the world go round, and God IS love


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