🌹Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Sydelle!🎂

🌈🌹Happy Sweet Sixteen
to you, my Princess!🌹🌈
Wherever your journey
in life may take you..
Be bold enough to
use your voice and
stand up for things
that matter.
Be brave enough to
listen to your heart but
do take risks carefully.
Believe in yourself
as much as
I believe in you.
Keep the fire
in your soul, and
grace in your heart
live a colorful life and
always reach for the stars.
I pray you’ll always
be safe and happy.
Always remember…
You’re beautiful,
you’re loved,
you’re enough.
So, enjoy the ride and
never forget your
way back home.
🌈💜All my love, Mom💜🌈


12 thoughts on “🌹Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Sydelle!🎂

  1. 16 already??? Old timers loss of time passing! Is all I can say! Happy B-day, Sydelle! I still have in my keepsake box the made by your own hands, your mama mailed to me and my son, long ago, when ‘life’ was hard and we purchased for others, not each other, Christmas Gifts – I took them down, dusted them off and stored them away – for I wished them not to rot away in my rotten house cleaning ways – 😀 But I rememember and am still thankful for you, your mom, your sister – often and always – ❤

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