Respect for others

I inherited a number of books from my dad after he passed away in 2001. One of the books which I found really helpful is “Etiquette for everyday living” by Dorothy Martin.

The following is an excerpt from Pages 201 & 202 on Learning Respect For Others (Children and Teenagers):-

“Children must learn respect for other people at a very early age. They should learn while very young not to laugh at someone else either for his appearance, his opinions or his mistakes. They must learn respect for another’s privacy, which includes not opening someone else’s mail or listening in on phone conversations or entering a closed room without knocking on the door. They should be taught that respecting another’s property refers not just to things but to another’s rights. This has to begin at home. The child who is allowed to take his brother’s toys without asking will not see why he can’t do the same to a friend. The child who grows up thinking the other family members are there for his convenience will go out into society with that false premise.

The home belongs to the child in the sense that he is a part of it; but he must learn that he is only a part and that there are others to consider. Children need to be trained in hospitality, but it is not always convenient for a mother to have a child’s friend stay for a meal. There should be an understanding about when this can be done, and when an agreement is reached it should be held to consistently. If it is understood that a spontaneous lunch invitation may be given at any time because it simply means getting out another soup bowl and spreading another peanut butter or jelly sandwich, that is fine. But when it is agreed that a dinner or an overnight invitation must be checked out before it is offered, then parents must not make exceptions. All of this is part of training in good manners.

Perhaps this is where the basic rule of children’s respect for elders comes most sharply into focus and the need for it is seen most clearly.”


2 thoughts on “Respect for others

    • Dear Tamra, first of all I owe you an apology for not replying and acknowledging these awards back in November last year. When I received your message, I had just started my blog for only 2 weeks. Two weeks and someone is nominating me for these awards? I guess I was a bit skeptical because I’ve never heard of these blog awards and of course I was also overwhelmed by the rules 😦

      So, please forgive me. Your name came to my mind as I’ve just followed a blogger also by the name of Tamra but spelt ‘Tamrah’. I know it’s long overdue but just want to say thank you very much for thinking of me and nominating me for these 2 awards last November.

      Warmest regards


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