Funny drawings by Shaye – 30

My ‘enough is enough ‘ face!

selfie portriat

my little selfie queen

My cheeky selfie queen!


10 thoughts on “Funny drawings by Shaye – 30

      • Yes…. its really affecting them… Here the return to school has been cancelled as authorities and schools have said its impossible to bring pupils back to school and keep social distancing of two metres in classrooms… When you have 30 plus more in classrooms, there isn’t the room…. They have already had nearly four months out.. And its looking like September now before they can return.. It will have a huge impact on them..
        I went a walk the other day by myself as i needed to go to the post office… A girl of about fourteen came around the bend on the pavement and jumped physically to side step me as a look of horror crossed her face… My heart leapt out to her…. The Conditioning is now ingrained…. And my heart grew sad as separation is being driven harder within young minds..
        Sending LOVE dear Pat… Keep your chin held high…. We shall overcome.. ❤

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      • Well said, dear Sue. We have the same problem here in the schools. There’s not enough rooms cater for so many students with the social-distance rules. But here the schools are opening on June 24th for those in year 10 & 11. Yup, it’s already bad that the younger generation is hooked to their smartphones. Now with this pandemic, things had gotten worst, no eye-contact and they will stay far away from anyone. Hope things get better soon. And I shall keep my chin held high! (Think it’ll help prevent my chin from sagging. LOL!) Much love and hugs to you, my dear friend (๑°꒵°๑)・♡♡♡♡♡


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