10 Ways to Healthy Eating


Do you live to eat or do you eat to live?  Eating has become an indulgence, a form of art in everyday living.  Facts about healthy eating according to a Director of Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado:  always eat half a portion size.  Maintaining this habit will allow you to eat practically everything.

So perhaps it is time to ask ourselves, are we “eating healthy?”  Do we take care of our body?  Are we taking our health for granted?  Cutting down on food or being more picky at what we eat becomes the best excuse to go on a diet.  Remember, what you eat is what you are.

Practical ways to eat healthy are as follows:

1.  Eat a hearty breakfast for an energetic day.

As your stomach was empty for the entire night, a good breakfast gives you a good start to the day.  A simple yet nutritious breakfast such as cereal or fruit, eaten with low fat milk or wholemeal bread with peanut butter is advisable.

2.  Avoid eating in a rush.

Do not wait until your tummy rumbles.  You will tend to eat more resulting in weight gain.

3.  Eat at your own pace.

Eating meals according to individual pace will benefit your digestive system.

4.  Everything in moderation.

There is no need to give up on your favorite fast food or dessert.  Just eat moderately.  “Balance” is the keyword in healthy eating.

5.  Variety is good.

Eating the same food everyday will minimize the effectiveness of your nutritional intake.

6.  Sit down.

Eat while standing causes the active response of the nerve system, which will hinder the proper functioning of your stomach.  This will also contribute to the dilatation of the stomach and chronic gastritis.

7.  Eat less artificially flavoured food.

Frequent consumption will cause body cells to change, as well as month dry and throat sore.

8.  Eat more rich colored vegetables.

Rich colored vegetables equals rich nutrition.  Choose vegetables with deeper colors, an indicator of the presence of vitamins such as carotene, vitamin B, magnesium and iron.

9.  Avoid noisy areas.

Loud and intense noises will incite our nerve systems.  If exposed to these conditions over a long period, the stomach will function poorly.  It will also trigger the loss of appetite leading to gastric ulcer.

10. Sharing is a virtue.

Sharing also applied to eating as well.  A single dish for one may result in unbalanced diet.  On the contrary, sharing a meal with friends and family will help your nutritional intake.

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