These gift baskets waited for me


I love gift baskets especially those made from bamboo/cane. Since the beginning of this year,  I had collected five baskets that were abandoned on the roadside in four different locations.  I believe these baskets were meant for me and each carried a meaningful life-lesson.
The Green Basket

green basket

I found this basket about 50m away from Shaye’s school.  This is a basket of nature. The colour of this basket may have faded but it is still in purrfect  condition.  Just like this basket, growing older is inevitable. Though taking care of our outward appearance is important, we must not neglect what’s going on in our hearts and in our minds.  We need to focus less on ourselves and focus more on enriching the lives of others.  May we all grow old gracefully!
 The Twin Basket

big and small baskets

I saw these twin basket a few blocks from my home.  I was rushing to send Shaye to school and I did not have time to turn back and pick up the baskets.  I told Shaye I will collect the baskets on my way home if they are still there.  Well, the baskets waited for me alright. 
The baskets were exactly how I found them as shown in the photo.  It’s looks like a mother protecting her young child.  It shows a mother’s important role in nurturing her child early in life.  It is a reminder that children are young only once and we cannot turn back the hands of times.
I am a full time mom and a freelance event planner and banner/backdrop designer. Honestly, I do not make much but I believe in investing my time in my daughters’ lives.  And I look forward to the day they are mature and independent and I can humbly say, “I have made a difference in their lives.”
The Brown Basket

brown basket.jpg

This basket waited for me about a kilometer away from Sydelle’s school.   In life, there will always be troubles and challenges.  This is a basket to put all our doubts, worries and fears away.  We have to focus on the positive and possibilities and make the right choices to overcome our problems.
The Red Basket with Gold Lining and Yellow Lily

red basket

This is the last basket I collected two days ago somewhere near the place where I found the green basket.  The colour red signifies strength and courage.  But we need to be careful not be carried away by these traits or we will become egotistical and self-righteous.  After all, there is a thin line between self-confidence and selfish pride.
The gold lining on the basket is a sign for us to remain kind, compassionate and generous.  And just looking at the yellow lily on the handle brightens my day and made me smile. Don’t you think this would make a beautiful Christmas gift basket?
That’s all folks! Perhaps my next story would be the case of the missing baskets.












Get nutty


Nuts are high in nutrients and an excellent source of essential unsaturated fatty acids. They are a rich source of potassium and fibre.

Here are a few other reasons to go nuts – stress reduction, heart health, lung cancer, weight maintenance, cholesterol, prostate cancer, brain health and men’s reproduction health.

So, eat a small handful of raw, unsalted nuts a day and feel the benefits.


Skipping for fitness

images (1)

Skipping is not just for kids. It’s an excellent workout, especially if you’re short of time. Skipping is an exercise that uses every muscle in your body. It’s a great way to improve general fitness and stamina. So, skip for one minute a day and stay fit!


Don’t cross your legs…


….it restricts circulation around the hip and thigh area can impede blood flow and increase the effects of cellulite!
Let the blood flow freely and sit with your legs together. Good circulation helps you to stay energized.


Just breathe!


Try this simple breathing exercise to give your body the full benefit from the breath of life.

Relax your stomach muscles;
Breathe in through your nose for the count of 4;
Take the air to your belly and hold for 4;
Breathe out through your mouth for the count of 8.


Just say ‘no’…


…if someone wants something that you cannot give – time, energy, brain power, emotional or physical help in your home or office, then just say ‘No’.

This reminds me of the cartoon my daughters love to watch on TV – Dibo the Gift Dragon. There’s a character called Annie and she’s a kind and helpful girl who loves to bake. There’s also a pink rabbit called Bunny who is vain and selfish. In one episod, Bunny said to an obviously exhausted Annie, “You know Annie, I just can’t stand it anymore. Everyone is stepping all over you. What you need is a makeover. You must learn how to say ‘no’ like me” So, Bunny became Annie’s teacher and she was coaching Annie to say “No, No, No until Annie sounds just like her…mean and selfish.

So, wait until you feel ready to give freely and then you will be much more helpful without damaging yourself.

Remember, you don’t need to juggle every ball or take on every project. Relax, your need to enjoy life and focus on all the good. You’ll be far more productive with far less anguish!

“More men are killed by overwork than the importance of this world justifies.” – Rudyard Kipling


Dream time


Allow yourself dream time.

Imagine yourself carried away in your imagination, detox negative thoughts, think of beautiful things and enjoy the possibility of anything happening.

Return to this world refreshed and renewed. Remember, if you don’t have dreams then they can’t come true!


Cure cancer naturally


While there’s life, there’s hope. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I received the following information from a friend recently. Thought it is good to share it with everyone, especially those who are afflicted with cancer.

This is for your personal health education – it is important to know and do, if ever you need it. Remember, Chemotherapy and Radiation kills the patient before the Cancer kills him.

This is a true fact – you can ask your friends who are doctors.
Doctors recommend Chemo and Radiation to others but will NEVER take this road if they are a victim of Cancer!

Remember, long time ago, I was helping my good friend who had Nose
Cancer. I travelled with him all the way to Penang to search for cure. Well, today he is still alive, has been free of Cancer for 6 years and is now helping others who are in the same straits, through a NPC(Nasopharyngeal Cancer) organisation.

I met him last week and he said again – No need for Chemo and
Radiation. Got to believe a person who went to hell and came back
alive and well! And is now helping others to survive Cancer.

He said you need three things to survive Cancer attack:

1. Drink juice of fresh Papaya leaves and stalk.
2. Boil lemon grass and drink as water.
3. Eat Apricot seeds to kill the Cancer cells.

He said *Apricot seeds is nature’s Chemotherapy. It is cheap and
natural. Chemo kills you – it kills everything – the collateral damage is total. *Apricot seeds which contain natural cyanide kills Cancer without any collateral damage.

I am going to eat Apricot seeds or boil them as in dessert.
With these three natural cures – Papaya leaves (or raw fuit), Lemon Grass and Apricot Seeds, there is no need to FEAR CANCER!


Scrape your tongue


Many Eastern cultures scrape the surface of their tongues every morning as they believe this reduces the amount of infections and germs they carry.

For a fresher start to the day, scrape your tongue with your toothbrush or tongue scraper and remove all the ‘slime’ from the day before.


Clean your windows


If the windows are dirty, then your outlook on the world is clouded.

If the windows are clean and the light gets through then your view is crystal clear.

So, clean your windows and let the light shine through and the energy flow freely.