Healthy eating habits for children

Do’s and Don’ts:

* Do set a good example for your child to follow. Have meals together and eat the same healthy foods.

* Do allow children to follow their natural appetites when deciding how much to eat.

* Do discourage snacking on sweets and fatty foods. Keep plenty of healthy foods such as fruits, raw vegetables, low fat crackers and yogurt for children to eat between meals.

* Do encourage children to enjoy fruits and vegetables by giving them a variety from an early age.

* Do ask children to help prepare meals. If parents rely mostly on fast foods, children may not learn to enjoy cooking.

* Don’t add unnecessary sugar to drinks and foods.

* Don’t force children to eat more than they want.

* Don’t give skim milk to children under the age of 5 unless your doctor prescribes it. At this stage children need the extra calories in whole milk.

* Don’t give whole nuts to children under the age of 5, who may choke on them but peanut butter is fine.

* Don’t use food as a bribe.

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