Calcium-rich food

Calcium is essential for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth. This mineral also ensures proper nerve and muscle function as it moves in and out of bone tissue and circulates through the body. It helps prevent osteoporosis, regulate blood pressure and research shows it may reduce risk of colon cancer.

So, eat more calcium-rich food today:

1. Almonds (100 g; 266 mg)

2. Cheddar cheese (30 g; Calcium 233 mg)

3. Chinese cabbage (100 g; 102 mg)

4. Orange (medium size; 70 mg)

5. Skim milk (1 cup; 320 mg)

6. Sardines – canned & drained (100 g; 380 mg)

7. Soyabean curd or Tofu (100 g; 150 mg)

8. Spinach (100 g; 60 mg)

9. Natural low-fat yogurt (200 g; 420 mg)

10. Whole wheat bread (2 slices; 60 mg)

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