Food handling tips


It is good to eat healthy but unless food is handled properly, you could be washing away those healthy nutrients. Here are some tips on how to keep healthy foods nutritious:-

1. A well-dressed salad is healthy

Studies have shown that a salad with fat-free or no dressing is not as rich in vitamins as a salad served with a little olive oil. The oil helps us absorb the disease-fighting qualities found in the salad leaves.

2. Avoid over-rinsing

Although it is common practice to wash rice before cooking, over-rinsing it could wash away its vitamin B1 content. One wash and then it is ready to cook.

3. Tear rather than chop

When preparing leafy vegetables such as spinach or lettuce, tear the leaves rather than chop them. This is because when we tear the leaves, it does not disrupt its cellular structure, which helps minimise the release of enzymes that destroy the vitamin C content.

4. Defrost right

Try not to thaw food by leaving it out on the kitchen bench. This is because once it reaches room temperature, bacteria starts to breed. It is best to defrost frozen food in the microwave or to let it thaw in the fridge to prevent this from happening.

5. Store well

Never overload a fruit bowl because it could cause dark patches on the fruit as well as reduce its vitamin C content. Food stored in the fridge should be put in a container or covered in cling wrap.

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