Easy quiche

Quiche is simply an egg custard, seasoned with anything you desire. This is the perfect recipe for busy moms. No fuss, no base and just add whatever filling you like. It’s healthy, tasty, quick & easy to make and the best part is my two daughters love it!


3 eggs

1/4 cup milk

1/4 cup plain yogurt (Homemade yogurt recipe)

1 cup grated cheese

4 tablespoon of self-raising flour

Salt & pepper to taste


1st Choice: Salmon & Fresh Parsley

Quiche with salmon Quiche with salmon & parsley

Rub some salt on the salmon slice. Drizzle some olive oil on salmon and pan-fry until it’s cooked. Let it cool and break the salmon into small pieces and remove any bones. (You’ll get about 1 cup of salmon – more or less is fine). Rinse and chop fresh parsley – about 1/2 cup.

Put the salmon & parsley into a bowl, add some pepper, squeeze some lemon and mix lightly.

2nd Choice: Spinach and Ham

Quiche with spinach and ham Quiche with spinach and ham

The stores here do not carry canned spinach so I use fresh spinach instead. I rinse and boil spinach for 1 minute, drained and chopped into small pieces. Cut ham (any type) into small pieces to make about 1 cup. Put chopped spinach and ham together and mix lightly. Add some salt & pepper.

Note: Remember to put in 1/2 tsp of baking soda in hot water when boiling spinach – this is to make sure spinach stays green otherwise it will turn yellowish.

3rd Choice: Sausages and Mushroom (canned button mushroom or fresh mushroom)

Quiche with sausage & mushroom - straight from the over. Quiche with sausage & mushroom – fresh from the oven.

Slice or cut sausages and mushroom into small pieces. What I normally do is slice a small onion and pan-fry it for 2 minutes with the sausages and mushroom to add more flavour.

Note: The above are just 3 suggestions on type of filling you can put into the quiche. Feel free to try with whatever you desire and it will taste great even with any leftover meat dishes.


1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C.

2. Whisk together in a bowl eggs, milk, yogurt and flour.

3. Fold in cheese and fillings.

4. Pour into a standard pie dish/pan (9″ in diameter & 1-1/4″ deep). I normally use a glass dish and remember to oil the base with some olive oil or butter.

5. Bake for 40 minutes or until set.

6. Serve hot.


7 thoughts on “Easy quiche

    • Thought I’ll make something different for dinner. Most of the recipes online have crust, sour cream and butter in them.
      So, I try to simplify the recipe by substituting with yogurt and olive oil. My daughters love it so much, we had quiche Tue, Wed & Thurs this week with the 3 different fillings as in this post 🙂


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