Spikey’s Log: Star Date 100,000 !!

Congrats to Uncle Spike and Sydelle 😉

Uncle Spike's Adventures

Let me introduce you to Captain Spikey…


Captain Spikey is the new insignia especially created for the followers of my blog. After all, with 1100 followers, or Spikey’s, out there now, I thought you guys deserve your own logo 🙂

Captain Spikey is the creation of a very talented 7 year old artist from Malaysia called Sydelle, the daughter of our fellow blogger at New Bloggy Cat. And here is Sydelle sporting some very cool Spikey shades.




Today is also a very fitting day indeed for Captain Spikey’s first day on the job as blog ambassador. As it happens, today marks that point in history when the blog stats for Uncle Spike’s Adventures, or page views beyond just looking on WordPress Reader, have now topped six figures….





That’s a serious milestone for me, and one that means a great deal to this…

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