Bon appétit …


….in different languages:

Chinese (Cantonse) : 食飯 (sihk faahn) – eat

Chinese (Mandarin) : 慢慢吃! (mànmàn chī!) – eat slowly

Danish : Velbekomme!

Dutch : Smakelijk!

Fijian : Da kana!

German : Guten Appetit!

Japanese : いただきます (itadakimasu) – said before a meal

ご馳走さまでした (gochisōsama deshita)– said after a meal

Italian : Buon appetito!

Korean: 잘 먹겠습니다 (jal meokkesseumnida) – before a meal

잘 먹었습니다 (jal meogeosseumnida) – after a meal

Norwegian : Vær så god! Vel bekomme!

Polish : Smacznego!

Portugese : Bom Apetite!

Swedish : Smaklig måltid!

Tagalog : Tayo’y magsikain (formal)
Kainan na! (informal) – Let’s eat!

Turkish : Afiyet olsun!




9 thoughts on “Bon appétit …

  1. Okay – will memorize in case I’m ever fortunate to be a world traveler – until then, here’s the down-home, regular folks way of saying it in rural America – either “Dig In” or “Quit Talking – Eat before it gets cold” – but I like my father’s way of opening a meal best – “Bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies, bless the hands that grew and prepared it – Thank You – Let’s Eat” 🙂


      • Once I fell into the ‘food nutrition/food preparation’ rabbit hole, I worked feverishly to do things right for my family’s health – but one day, I stopped, dead still in my kitchen, and asked myself, “What if all that is need to nourish both our bodies and our minds is the gratitude and thankfullness for those who grow/prepare our food” – – It’s easier to be grateful and send good intentions all the way through the ‘food chain’ while grinding grain, kneading dough, slow cooking a stew than it is while popping a frozen pizza in the oven – BUT, I still say it, anyways – – Just in case our thanks/gratitude/intention/focus is what really nourishes both us and those who provide the food, no matter the form – – 🙂

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