Who would join me?

Let’s stand together for a better world!
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Uncle Spike's Adventures

A couple of times recently I have posted my thoughts about the ongoing wave of destructiıon that the idiots waving their black flags and Kalashnikov’s seem intent to wreak on the rest of humanity.

These scum say they are Muslim. How dare they.

Like many Muslims, I am appalled at their wanton destruction of lives, land, and property. But please understand this. This is not an attack on ‘the west’, but an attack on humanity. They have slaughtered many thousands more Muslims than any other group based on religion or nationality. Basically, it seems, anyone who doesn’t buy into their doctrine is their enemy, hence they kill, maim, and defile all who dare to live outside their ranks.

Like many of you, I’m sure, when we read between the lines that the sensationalistic mainstream media put out, we start to see how much of a minority they really are. And no, the 1.6 billion…

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