Across the so-called divide

An amazing gift of peace!(*´╰╯`๓)♬

Uncle Spike's Adventures

I’m no stranger to Christianity, and to be honest, nor are many of my faith, after all, Jesus is pretty darned important to us too. I find that in this increasingly polarised society of ours, I often wonder if the purveyors of hatred and division actually realise how wrong they are, at how little the differences really are?

Now, many will celebrate tomorrow, many will not. Some will or won’t based on faith, or a lack of, which to be honest applies to many these days, irrespective of cultural background.

However, these issues are way too big to ponder for today… but I did want to leave you all a little gift today. To try for a moment to bridge the divide that many seem to relish in fuelling, here is something from Clan Spike, to everyone who follows this humble blog.




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