Turmeric, immune system boost, anti cancer, anti-inflammatory, super for your skin problems, great for your arthritic joints, a wonderful antioxidant

Turmeric and coconut breakfast for better health! ~(=^‥^)_旦~

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I guess there are many people who will think my turmeric and coconut breakfast is disgusting and to be frank, so did I at first but as with so many other things, we get used to them and start to like them. Now I am almost addicted to this simple but AMAZINGLY HEALTHY breakfast of coconut with turmeric which has dramatically improved my health. Oh I almost forgot to mention that turmeric is supposed to kill cancer cells too. I wish I’d known all about the health benefits of turmeric many years ago.

It takes just two or three minutes to prepare and I do it this way.

Two or three tablespoons of dedicated coconut

1 level teaspoon turmeric powder

Quarter teaspoon on black pepper

Half teaspoon of ginger powder

Quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Half teaspoon of EV olive oil

1 teaspoon…

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  1. Hi Pat. In my wife’s village in Nepal the people don’t have to buy turmeric because they’ve always made their own. We get a healthy supply of it at home in Kathmandu. We grow all our own vegetables too. All organic.

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