snail smelling flower
“If there’s one thing I learned,
it’s that nobody is here forever.
You have to live for the moment,
each and every day . . .
the here, the now.”
― Simone Elkeles

cat sniffing flower

Today I’m reminded again how fragile life is.  My hubby’s longtime friend had a heart attack and died while fixing his roof this morning. He was in his early fifties and leaves behind his wife and five children. May his soul rest in peace!  



11 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Simone Elkeles

  1. So sorry to hear that, Pat! Yes, life is so precious, and I’ve felt compelled to appreciate it as much as I possibly can. I go to bed knowing I could have done better, but content that I tried my best!

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  2. Sorry to hear your sad news. We seem to have reach the age when some people dear to us start getting sick and leave us behind. My grandma lived to such a ripe old age that she was always saying all the people she once knew had gone , that’s why, she said, it’s so important to keep living and making new friends, otherwise you’d be rather lonely.
    My beloved aunty/godmother is very poorly with cancer again, no treatment seems to work so far…

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    • Thanks, Isabelle! It’s so true what your grandma said. I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. A lot of cancer patients are now looking for a natural cure. It’s natural and there’s really no harm in trying. Please check out this link on ow this man cured his wife with soursop (Graviola): https://goo.gl/2sieQW
      Talk to you soon. Take care!(*’∀’人)♥


  3. So sorry to learn about your hubby’s friend.. Such a shock when a heart-attack takes some one.. My thoughts are reaching out across the airwaves to his family … So sad..
    Sending you and Hubby love and warm hugs..
    Sue ❤

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