Eyes weep;


eyes sleep;


eyes see high;


eyes see deep.


– Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai



The surprise gift basket

gift basket

Just two days ago I wrote about the gift baskets I collected and I thought that’ll be all for my collection this year.
This afternoon,  I spotted this beautiful maroon basket across the street where I lived.  It’s a beautiful and sturdy looking gift basket.  Life is full of surprises!
I was feeling a bit under the weather today and I believe this gift basket carries with it a simple yet poignant message just for me:





Rhythm of the falling rain!

Just listen to the rhythm of the falling rain,
coming down like confetti from the sky,
 singing us a soothing song of nature.
When it rains, I love to
watch the trees dance,
hear the children’s laughter as
they play in the rain and
jump in the puddles.
When I was young
I was so taken with those 
lovey-dovey scenes in movies.
And I thought it was so romantic
to kiss your lover in the rain,
But in reality, we most likely
cuddle and watch TV,
play scrabble,
read a book,
or have a cup of coffee.
I love it when it rains.
Maybe it’s because
rain is not afraid of falling,
when it could no longer
hold it’s heaviness.
Our tears are just like rain.
And we have to let them flow freely
on days when our troubles
seemed too much to bear.
Just like the plants,
we’ll never grow if there’s no rain.
So let the rhythm of the falling rain
soothe and heal your soul!







Let the sea set us free!

Imagine we’re sailing happily together
out in the big blue sea
on a stolen sailboat from the yacht club.
We have to escape from the crazy life ashore.
No longer are we slaves to the technology tools
that are hijacking our minds.
Far away from traffic jams, mean bosses,
endless board meetings, and deadlines.
There’s absolute freedom in the open sea
where all our troubles are swept away
by strong winds and huge waves.
A place where we could hear our soul speaks to us
and set-sail our priorities in the right direction.
Time waits for no one and nothing stays forever.
What will remain is just the memories
of love and friendship from our
family and friends who have touched
our lives like the ocean waves.
Let the voice of the sea speak to us!
Let the sea set us free!








A civet cat in my attic – NBC

civet cat=1.jpg


Of late, we heard some strange noises in the attic.  Over the past two years, our attic has become a birthing center for mother cats.  Hubby had even bought a cat trap so we could catch the mother cats and take them to the animal shelter.
The strange noises were quite irritating.  My daughters thought the noises were really spooky and find it too early still to celebrate Halloween. So, hubby climbed up the attic to have a look. It was quite dark up in the attic and with the flashlight, he saw something that looks like a cat. But then, he said it could be a “Musang” (commonly used term for civet cat).
He set the cat trap as how he normally does.  And last night, we heard a loud ‘trap’ sound. And lo and behold, that’s indeed a Musang!.  It looks rather catlike in appearance and it has a thickly furred long tail, small ears, and a pointed snout. 
This is also the animal that produces the most expensive coffee in the world.  In Indonesia these animals are known as “Luwaks“. If you have been to Indonesia,  I’m sure you have heard of “Kopi Luwak“.  It is also called cat poop coffee.  This coffee is said to have been produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by the Luwak or civet cat.  The price for a single cup of Kopi Luwak runs $35 to $80 and a one-pound bag of beans costs $100 to $600.
I have not tried this famous poop coffee because I am not willing to spend $35 or more for a cup of coffee. And I don’t think I would ever try it after reading the article in the national geographic.
This morning hubby called the Wildlife Department to come rescue this Musang.  It’s a protected species and we better not think of keeping it as a pet or to use it to produce poop coffee, because should the authorities find out we could be slapped with a fine of up to $10,000.
So, farewell Musang friend.  It was a pleasure meeting you!

civet cat-2.jpg

How can we expect wild animals to survive if we give them nowhere in the wild to live?
 Anthony Douglas Williams