Quote of the day – David Levithan

“I am like the fish in the aquarium, thinking in a different language, adapting to a life that’s not my natural habitat. I am the people in the other cars, each with his or her own story, but passing too quickly to be noticed or understood.” David Levithan






Quote of the day – David Baldacci

“Why can’t people just sit and read books and be nice to each other?”

― David Baldacci, The Camel Club



I dream of a world of peace – Riken Shrestha


I dream of a world of peace,

Where people can live a life of ease.

World where there is no difference between rich or poor,

Life being pleasant for living ever more.


I dream of a world of happiness,

Where there is no sight of selfishness.

Where each and everyone can get their needs,

And have belief in their deeds.


I dream of a world of kindness,

Where people can know that the value of love is priceless.

Where people can realize that of earth we are all children, 

And to have a kind heart is better for all men.


I dream of a world of loving mates,

Where people can realize all are great.

Where people can know that in this earth, 

With a kind heart people must give birth.

I dream of world of peace,

Where people can live a life of ease!

-Riken Shrestha (Nepal)

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I believe in second chances

“Who exactly, gives us the right to kill?  If killing is wrong then why are we allowed to kill? – John Grisham

There is no justice in killing in the name of justice.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“The death penalty is a poor person’s issue…in the end… it is the poor who are selected to die in this county.”Sister Helen Prajean

“May the death penalty, an unworthy punishment still used in some countries, be abolished.”  – Pope John Paul II

Sadly, after a long battle that saw several last-minute stays of executions, Kho Jabing (a Malaysian) was hanged in Singapore today at 3.30pm.  For those who believe in second chances and would like to support the family of Kho Jabing towards the funeral and repatriation cost, please click here  Fundraising4Jabing