Three keys to more abundant living:

caring about others,

daring for others,

sharing with others.

– William Arthur Ward


Why things happen as they do

'Thoughts & prayers for MH370"

“Heartfelt thoughts & prayers for MH370”

Why things happen as they do
we do not always know,
And we cannot always fathom
why our spirits sink so low
We flounder in our dark distress;
we are wavering and unstable,
But when we’re most inadequate,
the Lord God’s always able –
For though we are incapable,
God’s powerful and great,
And there’s no darkness of the mind
God cannot penetrate…
And while he may not instantly
unravel all the strands
Of the tangled thoughts that trouble us,
He completely understands –
And in His time, if we have faith,
He will gradually restore
The brightness to our spirits
that we have been longing for…
So remember there’s no cloud too dark
For God’s light to penetrate
If we keep on believing
And have faith enough to wait.

– Helen Steiner Rice