Quote of the day – Brene Brown

“Power of Empathy:
I’m in it with you.
I’m not here to fix you.
I’m not here to feel it for you.
I’m here to feel with you and
let you know you’re not alone.”
Brene Brown

Quote of the day – Sylvester McNutt

Sometimes everything
hits you all at once.
You lose a relationship, change jobs,
old friends go and new friends come.
It’s up one day and down the next.
You have it all together on Monday
and by Thursday you don’t have a
clue. Life is one big wave and all we
can do is flow, grow and adapt. – Sylvester McNutt


Merry Christmas! ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬

“Have yourself a meowy little Christmas!”[www.pinterest.com]
My wishes for you this Christmas…
May your home be warm and
smell a lot like Christmas;
May your Christmas tree light up,
stockings everywhere stuffed
with yummy treats and
surrounded by lots of furry friends.
May your heart be merry and
light as a snowflake;
May all your troubles melt away like snow;
May you always be as happy as Olaf,
the friendliest snowman;
May you have everything that you need
and love everyone that you give.
I pray the love of all those around you
fills your Christmas with overflowing
warmth, joy, smiles and laughter and
may you cherish and honor each other
in all that you do.
Wishing you and loved ones
all the heartwarming blessings of Christmas
from my home to yours!
Christmas hug! [www.pinterest.com]