Quote of the day – Stephanie Bennett Henry

“Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.”
Stephanie Bennett Henry

The old bus stop

old bus stop
Bus stop – 
a place where buses stop for passengers
to board or alight from a bus.
But there’s an old bus stop that
I pass by often.
one that brings back happy memories.
A special bus stop where
my friend, J & I used to
hang out many years ago.
We both went to the same college.
She rented a room in a house
right opposite the bus stop
and I rented a room in another house
about 50 meters down the street.
This old bus stop is the place
where we spent hours talking 
about anything and everything.
I’m grateful we are still good friends,
though she resides in another country.
Over the years, we both had our own
shares of joy and heartaches in life.
But, I believe we had risen
stronger each time we fall.
Because we’re both fighters.
We will find our way 
through every adversity.
The rocky paths that
we sometimes had to take
and all we could do is
keep moving forward
 and hope for brighter days.
And, just like the old bus stop,
may we be resilient,
May we keep standing!



Quote of the day – Og Mandino

cute dog with flower.jpg

“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”

– Og Mandino