Quote of the day – Aziz Gattoufi

qutoe from aziz
“Out of small heart
A big heart appear
Out of storm heart
A calm heart appear
Out of strong heart
A fragile heart appear
Out of you I appear.”
latte with love

Pics from Aziz Gattoufi


Quote of the day – Aziz Gattoufi

poem by aziz
“Surf the problems
Ride the challenges
Face your demons
Evaporate yourself to the clouds
Rain, storm and a beautiful rainbow
Dive into love
Find peace within
Angels are calling”
Aziz Gattoufi

Quote of the day – Libba Bray

Beneath the skin, there is fear.
Pain. Remorse. Yearning. Desire.
A fierce longing for power.
All of this.We are joined.
It is as if we live in the
center of a great storm.
Around us the world of the realms
revolves like a giant kaleidoscope,
images refracted again and again.
So many worlds! So much to know.
-Libba Bray



Arch of Hope – NBC

Sometimes life’s tribulations seem like
the series of a raging tempest
and we begin to see life in black and white.
At such moments,
let us ponder upon the beautiful rainbow.
The mystical circular splendour
that appears in the sky after a raging storm.
This magical rainbow is a sign from above
that these trying times would soon be gone.
The colourful energy of positivity and joy 
shall then be refreshed in our lives.
And may we in return radiate
the amazing arch of hope 
in someone else’s life.