Spread joy with bubbles (*´ ˘ `*).。oO

There’s an elderly man who comes to the park
occasionally after school.
He wears a white hat and next to him is a bag of
two bubble swords and a big bottle of bubble soap.
The kids from the school opposite the park love him.
Let’s call him, Mr Bubbles.
Mr Bubbles would wave the sword in the air
like a wand to create big bubbles for the kids.
Big bubbles, big pretty bubbles in the air
There’s something so inherently innocent
about blowing bubbles.
Well, in this case, it’s waving bubbles.
A beautiful reminder that childhood lasts all through life.
It’s  fun just watching the bubbles float in the air and
see the kids jumping with joy and the smiles on their faces.
What an awesome way to spread some joy, Mr Bubbles.

mr bubbles-1

mr bubbles-2

mr bubbles-3







Happiness is …

…random things that make me smile!

Madame Dragonfly


Big sister drew something cute and little sister have to spoil it by adding that strange-looking hat!


The books I ordered online have finally arrived.


Big sister drew dogs watching TV on a cardboard and little sister have to add a cat with wings on it.


“I want to be tall like you, Miss Statue.”


“Yellow cupcake with yellow frosting, anyone???”