Quote of the day – Morgan Richard Olivier

“And then I realized the fire was always burning within me, but the flames were busy keeping everyone else warm.” – Morgan Richard Olivier

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Morgan Richard Olivier

  1. Yup,me too – I’m coming out of a period of life where I felt I showed up with my fire of energy, compassion, DIY, etc., to realize, um, I haven’t taken very good care of myself – I’m choosing to label it as “My COVID hangover” that seems to have lasted way longer than it appears to have lasted for others – LOL – but – well – ha taken me nearly a year – or more! but – well – I’m a trying to get back to the regularly scheduled program of ME without throwing out the ‘lessons learned’ all while I do so – LOL

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      • My adjustment is being ever more honest about what I can do, to take care of others, amid taking care of myself – razor thin line to walk, given my natural being – on the other hand – here and there? One is just really, easily ‘brilliant’ without hardly effort at all! taking care of others, that one finds oneself surrounded by folks who think they are ‘brilliant at EVERYTHING’ and, to me? I sure ain’t – and neither is any other mere mortal – and then? Clarifying conversations, must take place, false dependencies addressed – it JUST IS! 😀

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