Joke of the day – Difference

What is the difference between unlawful and illegal?
Unlawful is against the law.
Illegal is a sick bird.

You…. (fr Shante to Aziz Gattoufi)


Inspire me
Test me
Challenge me

Wake me up
From my domain
I sleep far too long
I was lost in the maze


Knock me up
With words and languages
Untold, with your eyes & soul
Creativity in my soul

When you speak
Sharp like a knife
Soft like a breeze
Sweet like honey

Your smile
Heal the pain
Stop the rain
Makes the day brighter than the sun 
Calmness entwined with peace as one

Your heart
Full of love
Flows & gushing like a river of no return
Full of emphaty
Feel the pain of others, immersing init and heal it throughout the years

Your soul
Is searching 
For the one
The eyes of the heart
Feeling peace, embrace with the power of love

A wanderer
An explorer
A loving soul
A giver & taker
With a midas touch
With a speck of dust
Makes the world a better place

Fr Shante to AG


Quote of the day – Aziz Gattoufi

‘’Bring your past and forgive him’’ 
Bring your past and forgive him
Forgive his sins
Forgive his nonsense 
Forgive his arrogance 
Forgive his innocence 
His eyes rolling please for him
Forgive his curiosity 
His kindness
Forgive him for loving so much 
Hating so much
For talking so much
For being wise
For giving advice
For lying
For procrastinating 
For getting high
For not praying
For all the possibilities of ex’s
But also, the possibilities of sexes
For breaking your heart
For being jealous
For being formal
For being offensive 
For being defensive
For surrounding myself with wall of fame wall of china and strategy of the art of war
Forgive him for his messiness his natural chaos 
Forgive him for his vanity but also for his help and aid to people around him
Forgive him to be poisonous
Forgive him to be a blessing 
Forgive him for being a curse
Forgive him for not listening 
Forgive him for listening
Forgive him for being too clear
Forgive him for being an asshole
Forgive him for cheating
Forgive him for being loyal
Forgive him for you 
Forgive him for me
So please bring your past and forgive him 
Let him grow 
And let the EGO hurt no more!
Please let the ego hurt no more
Please let the ego hurt no more
Please let the ego hurt no more

Aziz Gattoufi

Aziz Gattoufi, a dear friend and a beautiful soul with many talents! [https://www.facebook.com/GattoufiArt]


Quote of the day – NBC

So worth it
“I was sitting on the floor watching television
and felt something sticking to my thigh.  
It was a little piece of paper
with the words,
‘So Worth It.’
I believe it’s a sign
to remind me and everyone
out there that we need to
stay home, stay healthy,
stay strong, stay connected cos
we are all….
So Worth It.”