Quote of the day – Anita Krizzan

“We are mosaics.
Pieces of love, light,
history, stars…
Glued together with magic
and music and words.“
– Anita Krizzan

Joke of the day – Museum


“And this over here” croaked the 90 year old museum tour guide, “is a fossil 4 million and 69 years old, on it’s left you can see another fossil that’s 2 million and 69 years old.”

“Wow! That’s really fascinating,” said a fellow in the audience, “how can you age it so accurately to the year?”

“Well that’s simple” answered the old chap, “It was two million years old when I started working here 69 years ago.”


Joke of the day – Family history


Two friends were discussion the family histories when one of them lamented that he knew precious little about his roots. “I’ve always wanted to have my family history traced,” he said, “but I can’t afford to hire someone. Any suggestions?”

“Sure,” replied his friend. “Run for public office,”