Lagom – the Swedish way

Pronounced ‘lah gom’ – this Swedish way of life is about things being ‘just enough’ or ‘just right’ – something that’s neither too much of one thing , nor too much of the other but somewhere in between.   
Finding balance is the key  to this concept which is rooted deep in the Swedish psyche. It permeates all aspects of life. Along with the idea of balance in all things, there is also a conscious unselfishness about lagom.
If you feel like there’s just too much to do or modern life is too busy and goal-focused, you may want to adopt this attractive mindset and strive to be simply good enough or just enough.

“Let’s go home now, Kakashi.”


“Ahh….just nice.”


“Two pets are perfect for now – Candy (Pug) and Kakashi “


“We’re neither good dogs nor bad dogs – just okay dogs.”


“Two cookies are enough for me, mom”

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