A link for you, Pat

Check out this beautiful Naxi song, my friends! Unique, simple music with strong rhythms! (.=^・ェ・^=)!

An Englishman's life in Lisbon, Portugal

I was just telling Pat about Naxi music. This morning I was relaxing and listening to some Naxi music from Lijiang , Yunnan in southwest China.  I have travelled to Yunnan four times so far and visited Lijiang.  I love the Naxi culture.  Lijiang Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Centre and probably the most picturesque village I’ve ever seen.  Here is the Youtube link to my favourite Naxi song which I first heard many years ago in a pavilion in Black Dragon Pool Park in Lijiang.

I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Lijiang.  It is just a few hours bus ride from the state capital, Kunming, and there are daily flights too. There are lots of inexpensive hotels, guesthouses and homestays there. There are also hundreds of restaurants dotted along the banks of the incredibly picturesque canals. Here is a picture of Black Dragon Pool Park. It…

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