Lovely poem by a 13-year old

“Life can be a competition.
You either win or lose,
the winning game is not for everybody,
neither is the losing game. Progress or remain stagnant. Suicide is a weakness.
The villain to life.
There are more goals to achieve in the future.
It’s all up to you!
[Special thanks to Aziz Gattoufi for sharing his student’s poem]

11 thoughts on “Lovely poem by a 13-year old

  1. I would worry that a 13 y old is having such dark thoughts. It seems they are under a lot of pressure and have either considered or known someone considering suicide…:( Deep but dark.

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    • Hm, maybe or maybe not. Well, I made this poem, because I have been receiving a lot of questions on what ‘Life’ is. Also, I have saved many people from suicide, so showing it to people thinking about suicide can make it much easier for them to understand. Thank you for caring about me.

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