Happier 2022!

Let’s start 2022 with
lots of laughter!
My new year’s resolutions?
1. Buy more cute comfy shoes
2. Eat more wHOLEsome greens
3.Get more fresh air
4. Do more yoga during nap time
5. Wear more PURRple
[Pics from Pinterest.com]

7 thoughts on “Happier 2022!

  1. Happy (belated!) New Year Bloggy Cat! sigh …how many times have I typed the word ‘belated’ today, as I play catch up with bloggy pal world!!! That said, I refuse to have resolutions – but next December/January? I’ll let ya know the list I actually accomplished in 2022 of things, I think worthwhile to have done – LOL – -this is my simple way of never having ‘broken/failed resolutions’ – not good or awe inspiring, but works for me, personally, year in, year out – for there are always surprises that I somehow manage, to meet, do what needs be done, during a year that weren’t even on my ‘radar’ on January 1st – – LOL My top Coping skill? “Ahh – just list what was accomplished and back date it – it will be fine – – – – ” LOL

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