Beautiful Easter Poem – Charmaine Chircop

Happy Easter Everyone!/(^ x ^=)\

New Bloggy Cat [NBC]


On the day our eyes open to the prism of the sun;

On that day, winter solitude would be gone;

The avalanche of differences melts into nothingness;

Through the same breath, through the same soul;

We would live again as one, no matter who we are;

No matter the colour of our skin, gay or straight,

rich, or poor, innocent or once found guilty.

No matter if we are lawyers, prisoners, doctors or peasants;

No matter our political beliefs, nor our different religions;

A Catholic, a Muslim, a Buddhist , a Hindu or a Jew.

On that day, we would all wear identical dresses;

We would all be the significant other, because He has died,

and He has died for all. Jesus died for Peter, John and Judah,

for Lazarus and Maria, Magdalene, Jesus died for me,

He has died for you, for him, for her and even for them.

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Easter Poem – Charmaine Chircop

  1. We all, live and die for those we love, every moment of every day – in our human ways? We try over and over to recreate the Easter Miracle that is celebrated, in various fronts, year round. Happy Easter – New Bloggy Cat – I die a thousand deaths often, thinking of you, and the challenges you face, when I can do nothing, but pray for you, the land you live within and what challenges you face where you live – me? No wildfires yet and no tornadoes yet and no blizzards in the forecast – only wind/fire damage – thus – today? Good to go for one more day and hoping you are to in your neck of the woods! ❤

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