Quote of the day – Cyril Connolly

“Fallen leaves
lying on the grass
in the sun
bring more happiness
than the daffodils.”
– Cyril Connolly

14 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Cyril Connolly

  1. Fall and the approach of winter always reminds me of the cycles of everything – a time to plant, grow, reap, rest, heal,plan – get ready to GO! Go! GO! once more! Sometimes? I just ‘argue with myself’ all durn fall – where to rest, where to assess, where to plan, LOL I sometimes think of fall as the time when the Universe shows up loud and proud to laugh at me over my plans – remind me of accomplishments and losses -but reminds me – ‘soon, I shall pretend to sleep where you live, and you, too, can rest/putter/survive …cuz, ya know?? I’m gonna be hitting ya up, for your energy, come early spring – so you best be getting your affairs in order and be ready…..for when next I knock on your door – – – LOL ❤

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      • I really am hardwired to ‘move with the seasons’ even as, the seasons ‘expectations vs. reality’ change where I live, too – 2 days ago, very cold and fat fluffy flakes of snow fell, only to melt away a bit later – in past years? I’d want to bake cookies and put up Christmas decorations – but not any more – I discipline myself!!! My landscape/personal reality have changed – as has the waxes and wanes of seasons – on Deep Time of Mother Nature and her cycles and affects from human meddling – again – it is what it is – 😀

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