Benefits of strawberries

Apart from being delicious, people in many cultures have found strawberries useful for certain conditions. The Chinese, for instance, claim that eating a handful of strawberries can cure a hangover. They are also said to whiten teeth and are also used to get rid of garlic breath.


Simple ways to cut saturated fat

Tips for healthy eating:

1. Try adding a slice of avocado instead of cheese to a sandwich.

2. Choose low-fat cheeses and switch to low-fat milk.

3. Cook with olive or vegetable oil instead of butter.

4. Choose leaner cuts of meat and remove fat whenever possible.

5. Downsize meat portions.

6. Use tofu or nuts in stir-fries instead of meat.

7. Enjoy a baked potato instead of fries. Use low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream.

8. Add more beans and vegetables to casseroles, use less meat.

9. Use buttermilk instead of mayonnaise in salad dressings.

10. Instead of ice-cream for dessert, enjoy fruit served with frozen sherbet or low-fat frozen yogurt.