I believe in second chances

“Who exactly, gives us the right to kill?  If killing is wrong then why are we allowed to kill? – John Grisham

There is no justice in killing in the name of justice.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“The death penalty is a poor person’s issue…in the end… it is the poor who are selected to die in this county.”Sister Helen Prajean

“May the death penalty, an unworthy punishment still used in some countries, be abolished.”  – Pope John Paul II

Sadly, after a long battle that saw several last-minute stays of executions, Kho Jabing (a Malaysian) was hanged in Singapore today at 3.30pm.  For those who believe in second chances and would like to support the family of Kho Jabing towards the funeral and repatriation cost, please click here  Fundraising4Jabing




4 thoughts on “I believe in second chances

  1. This is a very tough issue. On the one hand you have people who are unrepentant and a genuine menace to society and even to the prison personnel. On the other hand, there are those who change, who see and regret their evil. Not only would I like to see them not executed, but perhaps even have their sentence commuted to go out and help others learn from their mistakes.

    Romans 13:4 “But if you do what is wrong, you should be afraid, for the authority does not bear the sword in vain! It is the servant of God to execute wrath on the wrongdoer.” St. Paul

    I’m not bloodthirsty, and I’m not for vengeance. There are some who are simply evil. I think those are who the death penalty is for. I also believe far too many get that sentence who can be rehabilitated, even if they never leave prison.

    My thoughts, and I’m not absolutely dogmatic on this. I can see both sides, and that we’re nowhere near the proverbial middle as things stand now.

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