Book giveaway – Happy Guide

I’ve got a giveaway for you! 
It’s a book called Happy Guide. It was written by a guy called Michael Kinnaird who suffered a living hell for 13 years and doesn’t want anyone else to go through what he did. The big message is that most problems are solved the same way: by putting the causes of health and happiness in place.
I’ve just finished reading it and I think it’s a wonderful read. It’s honest, easy to read, informative and a purrfectHappy Guide.’  And I love all the quotes in this book.
To win one of three copies, please leave a comment below stating whether you’d like the eBook or paperback version. First three comments win!



12 thoughts on “Book giveaway – Happy Guide

  1. Greetings, Pat. You can see I’m doing some catching up this afternoon. My nephew Kumar is starting his online business soon so I’m giving him as much help as I can. My eyes are a bit sore today though. Nice of you to give these books, Pat. What are you doing this afternoon ? (Evening there). I’m going into the sitting room now to watch House Hunters International. Do you watch it there? I watch it on The Travel Channel.

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  2. hi there, catching up with the last 4 months ‘ +worth of email, nearly 1000. lesson learnt, I must try to get to them every week…nearly missed Gaby’s parents’evening

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