Quote of the day – NBC

guitar pick.jpg

Love is not as simple 
as choosing a guitar pick
We do not choose love
Love chooses us
Love is a force of nature and
all we need to know is that
some people are meant
to stay in our heart
but not in our life.


love tails

[Pics from http://www.pinterest.com]


  1. Morning, Pat. I haven’t posted anything for a while. I must do it soon. It’s just that each day here is crammed with stuff waiting to be done and it never all gets done. Have a pleasant day, Pat.

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      1. I have so far, Pat. I’ve been to the bathroom, cleaned the working surfaces in the kitchen and cleaned the kettle. Washed all the dishes and made my porridge with fennel seeds and chopped apricots. I’m just checking my messages now and eating at the same time. What are you doing there right now, Pat ?

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      2. Well, I’ve just roasted some barley to make barley tea. Apart from being a coffee addict, I love tea also, esp. green tea and now I just love the smell of barley tea. Have you tried barley tea? It’s very healthy too. (ノ*゜▽゜*)

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