Happy Mew Year, Mewtiful People!

365 days of fun
Wishing you and yours 365  days of new beginnings …


Let’s sparkle in the new year with new opportunities for

cat on duty


cute cat pillow


yellow flower




  1. You wouldn’t call be mewtiful if you could see me now, Pat. I’ve just staggered out of bed and need to have a shower and have a shave and wake up properly, How are you this morning, Pat. Do you have a hangover ?

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    1. Haha…I’m ok, Dai. No hangover. We were over at niece’s house for BBQ. I just had a glass of red. The weather was humid. It’s nice to drink more if the weather is cooler. Have a great new year, my friend. 〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜

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      1. Yes that’s right, Pat. Yesterday I did the monthly big shopping and we bought six bottles of wine 4 red and 2 white. We opened a bottle of white yesterday evening, to try it, and it really was excellent. Just €1.69 and I’ll be ordering it again for sure. It is called Cacho Fresco. If you are still in Lisbon, drop in and I’ll give you a bottle.

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