RIP, sweet Ebi!

sweet Ebi
Three week ago, 
Shaye, my 8-year old daughter
bought herself a blue budgie and a bird cage. 
And she calls her Ebi
(named after her favorite Japanese food,  Ebi Sushi).
  Ebi is the sweetest little thing. 
You know what they say about pets and their owners being so alike. 
Well, Ebi was just like Shaye – cheerful, noisy and messy.   
When we’re around she’s the most obedient sweet little creature. 
This morning , when we woke up we were shocked to find Ebi’s lifeless body,
her head stuck in between the bars.
Perhaps she got curious, stuck her head in between the bars,
panicked and broke her neck.   
Just two days ago, I was playing with Ebi and
noticed the bar spacing at the bottom corner of the cage was a bit too wide. 
But I did not give it much thought nor did I mention it to hubby. 
I believe if I had said something about the wide spacing,
he would have done something  cos he’s Mr Fix-It. 
 Again, I had ignored the inner voice hinting that something is wrong. 
It’s a painful and unfortunate incident and a lesson of life and death for Shaye.
But I’m thankful for the joy Ebi brought and the time spent with her. 
Oh, how she loved watching television with us in the room at night. 
And a reminder that life is fragile and we must enjoy every moment.   
Little by little we will let go of  our loss but never of our love. 
Fly free now, sweet Ebi!
We love you and you’ll be dearly missed.

10 thoughts on “RIP, sweet Ebi!

  1. Aww dear Pat my thoughts are so with Shaye and her sorrow of losing her newly beloved pet.. I know the anguish children feel and do not blame yourself.. These things happen… We could all say ‘What if’ but we never know…
    And yes it’s hard to see the tears our children and grandchildren shed as they lose their dear animal friends..

    Sending Love and thoughts your way and will send a few pictures later in the week to cheer Shaye up a little in my email to you..
    sending LOVE and Giant hugs to you all my friend..
    ❤ Sue ❤

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    • Thanks so much, dear Sue…for your love, thoughts and giant hugs, Yes, things happen and it’s beyond our control. But it’s heartbreaking to see her feeling so sad. Looking forward to your mail and pics. Sending you much love and hugs,
      ( ◜◒◝ )♡♡♡♡♡


  2. Poor little Ebi. It is a sad ending but she can take heart that while he was alive he was much loved and well looked after. In the wild his life might have been much shorter due to predators. Sending lots of love and a hug for Shaye xx

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