Quote of the day – NBC

“Stop watering fake plants.”



4 thoughts on “Quote of the day – NBC

  1. Greetings, Pat. I’m sorry to always be late. I’m just being paranoid about my eyesight. How are you my friend? I am well but in semi-isolation with Kumar and Goma. We are just being careful with our Corona outbreak in Portugal. The government has asked everybody to stay at home and only go out when really essential. Many people are ignoring this but we are taking it seriously. Hug from Dai

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    • Hello Dai, I’m good, thanks. But the coranavirus is getting worst here. All mass gatherings are being postponed. Even events at the hotel. We have 2 events postponed. Just got to hang in there and stay safe. Are toilet paper, mask and hand sanitizers all off the shelves there too? LOL! Take care, my friend. Best wishes & hugs,


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