Quote of the day – NBC

The love of sunlight; desire to stay in the sun.

funny dog enjoys sunshine

happy sunday

[Images from http://www.pinterest.com]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day – NBC

  1. Good morning Pat. I just thought I’d open WordPress before going to get my breakfast. Nice dog. I wish my dog was here with me. Have a peaceful Sunday, Pat. Lots of great wishes for you. From lazy Dai

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  2. I wish I were in the sun…but I am indoors on my laptop with my cat Bali snoozing next to me (I just gave him a good brush, he looks well licked now:) ). Looking forward to 4.30pm when I can go to the allotment and carry on trans-planting my kales and purple sprouting broccoli into my newly erected brassica cage, so the pigeons don’t get them.

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    • It’s good to know you have your own allotment. Jan loves to work in his ‘allotment’ too. We have quite a big yard so it’s been a life saver during the lockdown. Otherwise he’ll be bored to death. LOL! ( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७


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