Joke of the day – sHelf awareness

“That feeling you’re not necessarily sad
but you feel really empty”

2 thoughts on “Joke of the day – sHelf awareness

  1. Come to my house! Seriously, if there is an empty space of shelf or ledge, or flat surface space? I’ll fill it up to make it ‘useful’ for “I can quickly reach/find’ what I’m in need of, just now – periodically, I have to clear those flat surfaces off – I KNOW I need to, to safe them, when I say, “Now….where did I put that? I can’t quickly find it anymore! I simply must straighten things up” – and the shelves/flat surfaces breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Well about time, I was about to dump all this on the floor and make a real mess, cuz seriously? You expected me to carry the weight of your ‘I don’t have time for organizing just now’ failures?” – – Nope – we have our job – you have yours – but thanks for not putting us up bared and non-essential in perfect color decor, just to prove to others what a streamliner you are – and well – okay – as long as we don’t break and you find what you need and you appreciate us once in awhile – we’re okay – ” – – Sigh – – Shelfs, book cases, work tables/benches in my house rarely feel empty (or ignored?) until they do – – LOL


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