5 thoughts on “Happiness is …

      • Ah well! You captured the ‘art’, the beauty before the work went on to be consumed in nourishment to the body/soul in a different fashion!!! Please pass on to Sydelle my highest regards for the beautiful work she managed to do with CAKE FROSTING!!! (cakes, I can do – light, frothy, homemade frosting, I know how to make – and yet? STILL? Somehow, always, marrying the two into a work of beautiful art continues to elude me, or is sorta ‘done’ amid a lot of cursing the globs that defy any mastery of position on my part!! LOL. Ahhh- I so admire those who marry the foods together AND make it look so stunning, too pretty , nearly, to eat, even while I have finally reconciled myself to the fact, “um, yeah, I’ll never be passionate about this to spend the time it needs to master this skill – – ” – – LOL

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      • Thanks, Tamrah! When Sydelle was younger she’ll request for different cartoon characters on her birthday cake. One year, she said I want Power Puff Girls. And I thot omg…well she got her Power puff girls alright but it wasn’t as nice as the one she painted. It was messy 😝. So now she’s the cake decorator for the family. I can bake the cake but cake decorating…hmmm will leave it to the expert. Lol! Have a fabulous Friday and weekend, my friend 😻

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