Quote of the day – NBC

“Some walks you have
to take alone.”

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day – NBC

  1. I’ve been in the mood to go ‘walkabout’ for a long time – I’ve gone ‘walkabout’ pretty much, from here – yesterday, and the day before that? I was called out on it – one person asked me, “Promise me you WOULD call upon me if you needed help?” and I promised – – a second person said, “Thanks for the convo! I slept so much better last night!” and to my reply of “txt/call’ anytime you need!” they asked me to do the same – they reminded me the burdens we each carry are not to be compared, when, in my world? “Ahh – but you are dealing with so ever much more than I on so many fronts – I wouldn’t DARE add to that burden” – – And so, for me? “I miss you – sorry I’ve been so absent to you – I have been on walkabout of paths that aren’t my fave ones to walk – and figured, why burden others with it – – ??”

    EVEN when, I feel the need, today, after so many bloomin’ reminders around me, highlighted above two shares of ‘observations of me, by others’ – ? I go walk about when, I’m feeling sorry for myself, or struggling, EVEN when I chew out others for even thinking such a thing! LOL Thanks – for ‘always being there for me’ NBC, even when I do my own versions of walkabout – 😀

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    • Awww thanks, Tamrah! I too am on this walkabout to paths…aimlessly should I say to clear my mind. Lol! Life as you know has been a continuous roller coaster ride. But I’m good, things are a bit better. We shall catch up soon, my friend! 😍🌈

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