Quote of the day – NBC

“Sometimes we have to grow through what we go through.”

Mew Year’s Eve (≈ㅇᆽㅇ≈)♡

Ahh…Shades of green to usher in the new year!
“It is always important
to know when something
has reached its end.
Closing circles,
shutting doors,
finishing chapter,
it doesn’t matter
what we call it:
what matters is to
leave in the past
those moments in life
that are over.”
– Paulo Coelho
Yup, It’s time to bury my old bone.
New year, new bone!

Quote of the day – Mary Manin Morrissey

“Even though you want
to move forward in your life,
you may have one foot
on the brakes.
In order to be free,
we must learn
how to let go.
Release the hurt.
Release the fear.
Refuse to entertain
your old pain.
The energy it takes
to hang onto the past
is holding you back
from a new life.
What is it you would
let go of today?”
– Mary Manin Morrissey