Valentine Zoo – Karl Fuchs

I’m an animal lover, I’m happy to say.

And I love them and pet them most every day.

So for you, Valentine, I thank heaven above,

Because you’re like the creatures I love,
You’re cuddly and cute as a warm, playful kitten.

With your animal nature, my love, I am smitten.

You walk like a lioness stalking the plain,

With your dangerous eyes and your beautiful mane.

It’s such a pleasure to pet you, as you sigh and you purr,
I run my hand over you, like stroking your fur.

I’m a strong Alpha wolf, with you at my side,
Sharing love, food and shelter, and feelings of pride.

These feelings of animal love we can share,

As I find different ways to show that I care.

So won’t you please be my own private zoo?
My Valentine, I love to play with you.

By Karl Fuchs




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