Joke of the day – I’m not sharing

“You’re cute, funny and all, but I’m still not sharing my coffee.”



The Gentle Monster – NBC

Tender thoughts and sweet memories of my beautiful Monster who left us 5 years ago today. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

New Bloggy Cat [NBC]


A special dog like you would only
come along once in our lifetime.
And the name Monster suited well
for you were born a mischief-maker.
Remember all the furniture you destroyed and
dad’s new Ericsson phone you nibbled.
Did you try to call your girlfriend
and got upset with the not so
paw-friendly phone buttons?
Also the curtains you pulled down
together with the rod
the two bags of soil you ripped
and painted the front porch mud brown
and did not miss a spot.
You chewed every pair of
high-heel shoes that I bought.
Were you confused and thought
you must try to heel your sole
for all the trouble you caused?
But we could never really be angry with you
after all you were just
a monster with a gentle soul.
You adored and babysat
Sydelle and Shaye when they were younger
you were so smart you even

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