Happiness is …

…seeing art through the eyes of a child.

Shaye ~ 3 yrs old

Shaye ~ 3 yrs old


Appreciate the little things


Happiness isn’t about having more, doing more or being more. It is about how we view what is already ours. When you begin to see and appreciate the richness around your, you will almost certainly find that you have a great deal more to be happy than you once imagined.


I believe


I Believe

by Jane Daugherty

I believe in children’s laughter, the sweet perfume of a newborn baby’s skin and that every child is entitled to happiness, decent housing, health care, proper nutrition and good education.

I believe that our schools should be places of discovery and growth, not of danger, that teachers should be paid more than lawyers and that parenting should be a required course in every high school.

I believe that “quality time” is a phony notion that cannot substitute for substantial time spent with our children.

I believe that baseball and other children’s games can be magical and should be wrestled from screaming, competitive coaches and returned to play.

I believe that childhood should be a time of sand castles and celebration and that the defense of innocence is as important as the defense of our borders.

And I believe that our most urgent mission should be putting the needs of our children first.