Comforting words

Comforting words from my daughters:

my beautiful daughters

Zap was such an angel and angels live in heaven.  Monster will take care of him.  We will think of the happy moments with Zap” – Sydelle 

 “Don’t be sad, Mom.  Monster will be there for Zap.  You need to find your happy place.” – Shaye 


28 thoughts on “Comforting words

      • I am, late as usual, in ‘catching up on what’s happenin? in my circle of beloved bloggy pals – but the minute I read this post, I immediately closed my eyes – thought of my Grandparents with big friendly Rowdy, my past beloved four-legged friends, who so blessed my life, my son, my other Grandparents (no dog, to go with, that I know of, but they love and appreciate that dog is God spelled backwards, my dad, my uncles and my canine loving pals who are no longer here – but ‘there’ – …. Yes, I thought to each of them, “Hey! New Beloved by proxy family member arrived! If you don’t already know about, could you all show up and make Zap feel at home? And I just felt such a huge surge of internal answer, “You Betcha! Done and Done!” Even though Boomer was a little, “yup, I’ll give the boy a chance…but he better pony up and pull his weight, and learn to be a leader before trying to be a leader – ” LOL

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      • Ya know, that’s what I always ask for, when someone I know (in person or by proxy) travels from our view here – and, seriously, I still wonder – Do they think, “Yes TamrahJo, we’re ahead of ya – you didn’t have to do prayer/mental request – we knew to show up and greet/welcome the minute your heart ached for another’s loss – but it’s okay – we forgive ya for duplicating requisition orders…..” OR “Thank Goodness You Alerted US! We might have missed the incoming ferry! We’re On It!” – I do not know – but I do know this – I KNOW, in my heart, when a request has been soundly, and enthusiastically responded to – there’s just the goose bumps of “Taken care of! And let ’em know we’ll all show up for the reunion with them, too – we’re connected now – forever!” I may never get to meet you in person – but you’re already on my list of ‘can you let her know I’m arriving on the ferry? OR I’ll be on the dock, waiting to greet and welcome and say, “spend some time with your family – get settled in – but when you’re ready to venture out – my place is over there – and you’re welcome to visit anytime! 🙂

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      • I do believe the goose bumps are a sign that our request has been sent. Sydelle asked me if we’ll ever see Zap again and I told her yes, we’ll see him again one day. And meeting you is already in my bucket list. Take care, my friend! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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      • Well, ya know, Auntie TamrahJo figures hugs and loves are the elixir of life! 🙂 But you all so much in my thoughts since receiving your email and my ‘try to catch up day here on my backlogged reader, here, today, with my community! AND – the fun just never ends – more hugs sent, as “Ain’t that Grand/Sweet/Nice” Thank You for Hugs so freely given! 🙂 (I’m thinking we can keep up the back and forth hugging for generations – rather like fermented food/bread starter cultures for fermented foods and grain mixes! LOL And, now finishing up for publishing, the awesome story of Zeus – which I’m asking you and the girls to send some extra luvs and hugs too, cuz, seriously! He arrived, and departed, in short time frame, during very challenging Life period – do you know? He should have been included in original ‘list’ – but did I remember to? Nope! So, writing the story – will give ya a link to read – but, asking if you all could do a lil extra to shore up my deficiencies – already feel like I’m forgiven for “oops!” and sure Zap and Zeus will get along just dandy – who knows? Maybe they were brothers born at different times on different continents, but getting such great confirmation of the thoughts, I think, Zeus and Zap will be at forefront of the group greeting us all – just a lil prediction – 🙂

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  1. AND – (I’m really just such a dweeb sometimes – ) give each of the girls a big hug and tell ’em – Auntie TamrahJo from far, far away, just thinks they are so fantabulous! Good job in raisin’ em well, so they could remind you and themselves where the strength lies in hard times! 🙂

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  3. Awww Pat.. Just catching up and saw this about Zap..Such a cool little wise girl is your daughter who are both such lovely little Angels..
    And may I add Sweetpea~ Muffy~ Dandy, and Fussball, to that heavenly list of playmates..

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