The Gentle Monster – NBC


A special dog like you would only
come along once in our lifetime.
And the name Monster suited well
for you were born a mischief-maker.
Remember all the furniture you destroyed and
dad’s new Ericsson phone you nibbled.
Did you try to call your girlfriend
and got upset with the not so
paw-friendly phone buttons?
Also the curtains you pulled down
together with the rod
the two bags of soil you ripped
and painted the front porch mud brown
and did not miss a spot.
You chewed every pair of
high-heel shoes that I bought.
Were you confused and thought
you must try to heel your sole
for all the trouble you caused?
But we could never really be angry with you
after all you were just
a monster with a gentle soul.
You adored and babysat
Sydelle and Shaye when they were younger
you were so smart you even
played hide and seek together
and your love for soccer was like no other.
You guarded the oven patiently and
waited  for the roast lamb to be cooked.
You enjoyed your weekly spa moment
when dad gave you a shower.
Sadly though, three years ago today
you knew your end was near and
so very hard for us to let you go.
When I was out with the girls that evening
dad fed you your favourite meal
you spent some private moment 
as he held you gently in his arms until
you were ready to say your final goodbye.
Three years on and
we love and miss you still, Monster.











15 thoughts on “The Gentle Monster – NBC

  1. There is nothing like that special dog. Mine was a Great Dane named Harley. She was a gentle giant. I never worried about my girls with her there. And she had a heart of gold to match her size. She has been gone for years but I still tear up when I think of her.

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    • Hello Joanna, many thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m so sorry for your loss. I guess it’s the price we pay for love. Just hold on to the beautiful memories. Sending bear hugs right back to you. ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃ Pat

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  2. Big tears dripping down my cheeks as I read this dear Pat.. Losing our pets is like losing part of our family.. They come to mean so much to us and the love they bring in return is second to none.. I so felt your sorrow, but I know your gentle monster will never forget you, and the love you gave him..
    Loved your last communication Pat, and will write more back to you soon my dear friend.. Just want you to know you are not forgotten.. ( I concentrated on finishing my knitting instead of blog visiting etc the last couple of days )… Sending Huge HUGS xxxx ❤

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  3. Reading your heatfelt message, I can’t help but reminisce about the beloved cats who share my love and accompanied me a little way on the path of my life. They too will always be there in my heart.

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  4. Once we have pat it really grows into the family as a family member. It when their time is coming it is also painful to let them go. I know this feeling very well. And also our dog used to make a mess at home… LOL

    Another funny story, about our dog, when he was a puppy: the day came when he wanted to copy other dogs lifting their legs up when having to pee – well it took our dog a while until he has learned it correctly. His first attempts all failed and he always fell over on the other side LOL (lost his balance)

    Thanks for sharing, my dear Patricia 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend with your family 🙂

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