Quote of the day – NBC

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Sue @ https://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com. When I think of Sue I think about love, joy, peace, hope, kindness & compassion.  And she’s not only a light that shines in darkness but a light that shines the way.
“What others say about you
is not a reflection of you
but a reflection of them.
God sees all and
He know your heart.”

9 thoughts on “Quote of the day – NBC

  1. Dearest Pat..
    Many thanks my dear dear friend.. 🙂 I have let it all go and today wish I had never replied as I am only perpetuating the energy of that negativity.. But i just felt I had to stand my grand and make a statement at the time.. My blog stats have gone crazy I never get a message from WP saying my stats are going loopy, but I did yesterday.. LOL..
    Thank you again Pat.. our friendship means a lot..
    LOVE and Hugs and enjoy your weekend.. ❤

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